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Technology Process

The ECLIPS process combusts waste at high temperature (1200°C) using recirculated flue gas enriched with oxygen, thus eliminating nitrogen and all polluting nitrous oxides from the exhaust gases. The flue gases are then contained within the system and are converted to high value saleable by-products in a pure form for commercial sale.

This reduces the size and cost of exhaust gas filter "scrubbing" equipment and the requirement for a smokestack is eliminated, giving the process its unique feature and major benefit - no air pollution or emissions.

Eclips Schematic Diagram

Size & Safety

ECLIPS can be sized to suit all types of waste management requirements from an emergency stand-by mobile unit to a fixed site 10 tne/day for local hospital medical and agricultural waste right up to 1000 tne/day (& sizes in-between) for municipal and hazardous waste.

It has a unique safety feature permitting shut down within a few minutes and in cases of emergency all gases are contained within the system. This together with the plant''s low profile and nil smokestack makes ECLIPS suitable for inner city locations if desired.

Proven Technology

The process utilises standard tried and tested equipment configured in a unique way, which has been refined by the company over several years.

Process validation confirmed by two independent research institutes, in the USA and South Africa, and a Canadian government study in 2002.