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Zero Emission Waste Management
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Socio/Economic Benefits


  1. Zero air emission, no smokestack, no downwind public health risk or cross-border acid rain deforestation.
  2. Excess water available for agriculture and drinking.
  3. Assuming commercialisation, projected CO2 emission savings = 3.2 million tonnes within 15years from 20 plants.
  4. Fast track GHG emission reduction. Replacement and/or conversion of old uneconomic smokestack industries.
  5. Cleanup of old leaching landfill sites with indirect benefit to aquifers, the marine food chain and water supply.
  6. Energy production from multiple waste streams and/or renewable fuels reducing reliance on fossil fuels.


  1. Offers reduced or capped local community environmental taxes from lower waste disposal ''gate fee'' charges.
  2. Reduces reliance on landfill, possible deterrent against ''fly'' tipping from low waste disposal charges.
  3. A true materials recycling process. Pre-sorting not essential, reducing the need for public compliance to sort waste.
  4. Inner city location possible due to low profile and safety features, resulting in reduced waste transportation imprint.
  5. Embedded value from carbon dioxide tax credits in accordance with Kyoto Treaty. Accredited by DTI.
  6. High EfW/CHP efficiency reducing energy costs for industry and increasing industrial competitive capability.
  7. Reduced importation of fuels/energy supply with associated reduction in balance of trade foreign exchange loss.
  8. Stimulation of industrial growth around ECLIPS sites from by-product sales and reduced costs of industrial gases.
  9. Higher employment created locally and overseas from construction and promotion of innovative UK technology.


  1. Addresses media, public and political concern for pollution by incineration. Overcomes ''NIMBY'' objection.
  2. Surpasses worldwide environmental emission standards. Potential for government to be environmental World leader.
  3. Enables governments to meet all EU landfill directives - saving £0.5 million/day penalty.
  4. Political vote winner - lower waste disposal charges enabling capped or reduced environmental community taxes.