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Company Development

The Company has recently purchased a 4 tne/day incineration test bed from the Council for Scientific Industrial Research - South Africa, and repatriated it to the UK to be redesigned and rebuilt as an ECLIPS prototype. See below.

Original Incineration Test Bed

The plant is currently located near Portsmouth, Hampshire awaiting construction as an ECLIPS prototype, taking 8-9 months to complete.

The company’s objective is to raise £500,000 investment in order to build the prototype, demonstrate the technology''s unique capabilities and proceed to commercial roll out.

Post trials & testing, the completed ECLIPS prototype facility will become:

1.     An independent scientific high-tech research facility for industry and academia offering chemical and energy research at combustion temperatures in excess of 1000oC, developing into a small seedbed science to technology park.

2.     An operational training simulator for operators of commercial ECLIPS plants worldwide.

3.     A market product demonstrator for future potential customers to ‘TFS’ (touch, feel and see), in order to win commercial contracts. The commissioned prototype will immediately be showcased to selected VIPs and CEOs to demonstrate its capabilities, inviting interested parties from:

·       Financial institutions with expressed interest in funding full commercial projects.

·       Government officials from the UK and overseas including previous market contacts.

·       Waste management sector, industry and commerce with significant waste disposal needs