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Power Generation

Eclips can be configured as EfW (Energy from Waste) or CHP (Combined Heat & Power) plants with higher energy efficiency compared to conventional plants. Due to the thermal conductivity of carbon dioxide, the primary internal closed loop gas, having a higher heat transfer rate.


Plant Size in Tonnes/day               500 Tne/day

Operational Days Per Annum         325 days

Operational Hours Per Day            24 hours

Operational Availability                  90 %

Typical Waste Energy Level           12.8 MJoules/kg

Energy Recovery Data

Plant Capacity       20.83tne/hour   500tne/day     146,250 tne/year

Plant Efficiency     24.3%

Power Generation  18 MW gross   14.2 MW net - after plant usage

Approximate Net    14.2 MWh      307 MWh/day   99,649 MWh/year

Energy for Sale

Electrical Supply    20,000 houses @ average supply of 15 kWh/house

Domestic Energy Supply