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Zero Emission Waste Management
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Socio/Economic Benefits



  1. Zero air emission, no smokestack, no downwind public health risk
  2. No cross-border acid rain deforestation/pollution.
  3. Excess water available for agriculture and drinking.
  4. Projected CO2 emission savings = 3.2 million tonnes from 20 plants.
  5. Replacement and/or conversion of old uneconomic smokestack industries.
  6. Cleanup of leaching landfills sites - benefit to aquifers, marine life & water supply.
  7. Energy production from waste reducing reliance on fossil fuels.


  1. No government subsidies required once operational.
  2. Clean waste management with reduced environmental taxes & business charges.
  3. Reduces landfill & deterrent against ''fly'' tipping from low waste disposal charges.
  4. True recycling. Pre-sorting not essential, reduces public compliance to sort waste.
  5. Inner city location - low profile & safety features - low waste transport imprint.
  6. High EfW/CHP efficiency - low energy costs for industry - competitive advantage.
  7. Stimulation of commerce from by-product sales & lower cost of industrial gases.
  8. Higher employment created locally around ECLIPS sites


  1. Overcomes ''NIMBY'' objection – no smokestackno emissions
  2. Surpasses worldwide environmental emission standards.
  3. Enables governments to comply with Global Climate Treaties.
  4. Enables EU governments to meet landfill directives - saving £0.5 million/day fines.
  5. Political vote winner - stimulates lower environmental community taxes.